Are you thinking of becoming a counsellor?


Counselling is a unique professional and intentional process which draws on a range of skills and interventions that enable people to increase their self-awareness, and to identify, address and find ways of coping with challenges that occur in life.

Counselling qualifications and where to study

In order to qualify as a professional counsellor and attain membership of NZAC, counsellors need to hold either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in counselling. 

Counsellor education programmes at bachelor’s or master’s level are offered by a number of tertiary institutions in Aotearoa/New Zealand (see list below).

Programmes that have been accredited by NZAC have demonstrated that they meet and consistently maintain the standards for counsellor education programmes established by the Association.

For information about programmes of interest, consult their websites and contact the tertiary institutions directly. Programme websites provide details about programme content and delivery, requirements for admission and the application process. Instructions are also provided for seeking further information.

Counsellor Education Programmes Accredited by NZAC (February 2020)

Master’s degrees:

Auckland University

Canterbury University

Massey University

Waikato University

Bachelor’s degrees:

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Bethlehem Training Institute (BTI)

Laidlaw College

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT)

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT)

Otago Polytechnic

Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC).

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